Wednesday, August 22, 2007

opening post...

So I thought I just had a bad cold. Maybe it was bronchitis or, gulp, pnemonia but I had never been so sick for so long. It started off innocently enough with a routine batch of summer allergies on a weekend visit to my in-laws. That was two and half months ago. It's now been seven surreal days since I learned (BUM Bum bummmm) I have cancer.

You're reading this because you're someone who cares about me and I've sent you a link. I'm writing it because I care about you and I need something easy, one place, to corral everything i want to share and keep all of you loving and generous people up to date. I'd always thought blogs were rather self-centered, but it has dawned on me this is just the right tool to speed what you've all asked me for right to you without half a dozen email lists and telephone tag skewing the story with every retelling.

So, welcome to the blog; my cancer blog. I will close this opening post and keep it brief. What I have in mind will be a bottom-up oldest to newest series of posts from me (and replies from you if you like!) to help chronicle the fight. And believe me, it is going to be fight. As any one of you who knows me well, if something isn't right around me it doesn't stay that way for long.


bySarah said...

OK, you didnt send me the link...but I do care! I am glad I can get a chance to read about all your experiences. Hugs and support coming your way all the way from Massachusetts!

Kimberly M., a.k.a. KimberlyKnits said...

Oh, Sco...hon, I am so sorry. I can relate to what you're going through very well now, and I'm so, so sorry. #hug# Love you lots, hon. I'm still at my old phone number -- e-mail kimmurphysmith AT gmail DOT com for specifics. #hug#