Wednesday, January 16, 2008

mo bling

My butterfly needle got the big baller upgrade yesterday with a take-home infusion pump chock full of 5FU chemotherapy. Can't touch this!

Literally. Trying to get to bed last night was a small challenge. The pump came with a little carrying bag that I thought I would just hang on the bedpost. That hung too low for comfort so I strung it up on one of the canopy rails above me and was a lot better. There is some slack from the pump to the port and the needle, but not enough to lay the pump on the floor. I didn't want to sleep with it next to me out of fear of accidentally hitting the buttons and turning it off or worse. Hanging above me it's safely out of the way and was pretty easy to unclip in the dark when I needed to visit el baƱo. I will give the pump back tomorrow morning and hopefully report I still feel okay.

Backing up a little, I went in for the first round of chemo yesterday. It started with an anti-nausea drip that either worked very well or was not needed. The oxiliplatin drip was next and took about two hours. I got my fill of The Waltons and Little House on the Prarie off the Hallmark Channel during the wait. :yawn:

Having started this process, I can now much better ballpark when to see Dr. Grasso again to check on the reconstruction healing. This will help pigeonhole a date for the ileostomy reversal too.

So far, the chemo has been okay though I know it starts off slowly. I am trying to remind myself that it is not being compounded by any radiation this time nor is it the first time through. It is a higher dose and though I know what the side effects might be, it is hard not to think they're coming on for real more than its just in my head. I just need to focus on eating well, doing the exercises I've been prescribed, and making sure the insurance benefits change coming up goes without a hitch. If I feel well enough after two or three rounds of chemo I'd like to try to get back to work. That is unless someone tells me I will lose or damage my disability benefit by doing so. I still really really miss my job! :(

To close on a completely random note, I am only three gold bricks away from completing Lego Star Wars II a full 100%. :D

Of course, then I will buy Lego Star Wars III...


James said...

Sco - I hope the rounds dont knock you out too badly. I will give you a call this week as soon as I know when I have free time to stop by and say hi.

Anonymous said...

OK. This post makes reference to urban slang, Little House on the Prarie, and Star Wars.... I think the medication IS having an effect on you.



Nittany Knits said...

Can Alex come over and play with you this weekend?

Michele said...

Hey, don't worry about hitting the buttons on the pump. I remember the pump people told me it's a very tricky combo of #'s to change the settings, that's a precaution so you can't screw it up. I just keep mine in the bed beside me and it gets wallowed around so much, I even figured out if I put it under the body pillow, the noise doesn't bug my hubby so much. He doesn't like the whirring sound it makes every 60 seconds.
Take care,