Tuesday, January 27, 2009


well, after the horror of last night's prep, today's 'scope was a breeze. I had to get an IV and repositioning a piece of tape hurt worse than the needle going in.

Better news than that was a near sparkling clean report form the colonoscopy. Dr. Grasso took plenty of pictures and provided a map/legend of where the pictures were taken so I can share them with Dr. Lee. One polyp was found and removed. It was less than 5mm and gave no argument. Otherwise, the prep had worked well and everything looked great... giving no more weight to the PET scan analysis of "consistent with disease."

Dr. Lee and I will talk things over on Friday. I'm going to see if there aren't some more focused therapies or maybe trials that need volunteers to put the attention right on my little liver lesions. Say that five times fast! If there is something out there, I'd like to go for it. The chemo wipes out all of me in an effort to get these tiny little bastards. If we can zap them, and just them, I think I'd like to give it a try.

Gotta go for now; I'm due for a haircut. Meanwhile, I keep seeing Feedjit hits with searches that resolve to the blog or past entries. If you're one of those searchers and you need advice, my experience, or just a friend who's been where you're heading, please do not hesitate to comment or email me. I'm here to help!


Lynn said...

HI John - super glad to hear you had a clean scan. YAY!

Bonnie said...

Just keep driving, John. I'm liking the news.