Thursday, August 13, 2009

back from the gastrointerologist

For those whom haven't seen my facebook updates, I've been struggling to beat some very unusual diarrhoea that the usual fluids and bland diet weren't knocking out. Even a weeks' worth of Cipro didn't break it. I've missed a lot of work and been very very depressed and unhappy. Life really sucked.

Past tense.

I don't want to claim victory just yet but the past two days have been a lot better. I paid a visit to my gastrointerologist last week who sent me homw with test vials to fill up. Ahem.

I met with him again today and learned all of the tests came back negative. It's been three weeks since my last Avastin drip. With the improvement I've experienced as of yesterday, we're both pretty confident the Avastin was the problem.

That puts me in a tough spot though. The Avastin was supposed to be a maintenance therapy; something to avoid lots more chemo. Thus, my next visit with the onc will probably mean chemo pills. Again. :(

While I'm glad this seems to be untangled, I'm still on a rope. I don't know if I can get a smaller dose of Avastin or possibly a stiffer shot of chemo, but it's sure looking like I'll be hypermiling whatever therapy I go to next; gas, coast, gas, coast...

I have a CT scan on Monday to see how the Avastin alone measured up, but it's going to have been nearly four weeks since I had to cut it off. The mets may have had a chance to grow in that time and negate the time I spent off chemo. On the flip side though, that scan will give me fresh images to show the research doctor I'm meeting with next Wednesday down at Georgetown University...

They've got a study going on right now applying an experimental colo-rectal cancer vaccine as a therapy coincident with chemo. I might qualify and, frankly, if I have to go back on chemo anyway, why not participate?


Anonymous said...

Hope all went well Monday!
We're still praying for you and Jody daily!
Love Ya!

Lynn said...

How did your meeting at Georgetown go? How you feeling?