Thursday, June 5, 2008

please pray for Holly, Alex, and Mark

I have to post a very sad update. Brie has passed away. I do not know the details and right now my only hope is that she was not in any pain. Those hurting most are her parents, Holly and Mark, and her brother, Alex. Please pray for them.

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I've posted before that she'd fallen ill on a vacation to Ireland and was found to have contracted an acute onset of apalastic anemia; in short, her bone marrow has ceased producing blood cells of all types. Most recently, she has been so unstable that she had to be isolated in the pediatric intensive care unit at Johns Hopkins Childrens Center fighting not only a short balance of white cells, but doing so against a reported three different types of bacteria floating rampant through her little 12 year old self... oh, and running at 100-degree plus fever. For a while, she was not able to breathe unassisted though it sounds today as that has been mitigated. I've heard she was awake last night and asking for Holly, her mom.

Holly needs our most sincere prayers as well. She's been painted into a corner rather quickly with Brie being sick, not being able to work regular hours, and trying to maintain some sanity in Alex's life; Brie's twin brother. I worry for both of them so much so that I cry wanting to do more but being half dead myself. It's crushing me that I can't go to visit her in the state I'm in. I can forget the pain, but I can't change the fact that every pore in my skin is bubbling with residual chemo that could seriously complicate matters for anyone around me whom is sick. If only Brie were at least on a path through and out of this mess, we could all breathe just a little easier and coping with the day to day stuff wouldn't be so bad.

Holly's parents are en route and I've heard Alex has been able or will soon be able to visit too. What Brie needs most is healing. It's what we all need, really. So please, please lift Brie up today and pray for her today.

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Send my deepest condolences to the family. This is very sad news to hear. I hope the family can find the strength and support needed to get through this.