Wednesday, September 9, 2009

knock on wood

Just a quick post this morning before work.

The first week back on Xeloda has passed now and it wasn't too bad. I started the pills Monday evening last week so I would finish them Monday morning this week. I had anticipated they would hit me with some force so I looked ahead and made sure I didn't have anything in the immediate future that I might miss before starting. Sure enough, they tired me out right away and by Thursday last, I needed to stay home.

I kept at it, eating and drinking well, and even made it back to work the next day. I felt okay enough to take an impromptu trip to the track, chauffeured by by friend Will, and watch some racing on Sunday. That may have been pushing it but the Monday holiday slipped by with no major downtime and week number one was done.

Thanks to my new friend, Ryan, I found some Tofutti and coconut milk ice creams at David's Natural Market (hi, Pam!). They were remarkably good though last Thursday's sick day might have been the net result of a little loss of self control... a pint of ice cream, even if it's Sco-patible, probably wasn't my best choice. ;)

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