Tuesday, October 16, 2007

:thmp thmp thmp: Is this thing on?

Good afternoon, all. I am still alive though I wish I could sleep off the rest of this. Birthday Friday was a doozie that I should have begged off of but I didn't want to disappoint my family.

We went to one of my favorite Mexican places; El Azteca. It took some time to get inside which is always a sign of good cooking, but I had to bail to get a donut and a coffee because I was getting shaky. Back home I was so tired but there were gifts to open and I figured I could rest late on Saturday.

Bill got me a cool pocket 8/16-bit game with little cartridges filled with old arcade games. Biggest surprise there was a DigDug II that I never knew existed. Most fun so far has been Donkey Kong Jr. Joanie and Josh got me Oblivion for the Xbox, but I'm going to demo it first because I think it is an RPG. Mom and Dad got me shop manuals for my BMW from Haynes and Chilton which I hope will get put to good use soon (please let the chemo and radiation wear off fast!). Jody overloaded me with movies, a quiz book, an XBox cheat book (tsk tsk), and an extra Xbox controller. (I had to download Bomberman from Live so we can play each other now.) The last gift was a quilt Jody had made with friends after sending patches all over the place to have friends and family personalize to help me get better. I was really touched and I will definitely take it with me to the hospital but I was so tired when I opened it that I couldn't really express my thanks. I was really really out of it.

Truth be told I was exhausted before we went out Saturday evening and I haven't really recovered since. I pushed it going out with Joanie on Saturday to pick apples and though I was feeling good out in the sun, I paid for both days the rest of the weekend and through today. I'm burned up and short-tempered and I know I've lost it over the smallest and stupidest things. For that I am sorry and blaming the drugs or the radiation is only an excuse. I just feel like crap all over and, even when asked, there isn't anything I can think of that will make me feel better for very long at all. I just want to be finished already. That or unconscious for the rest of the year until the surgery is done. Someone's old joke about being sick and tired of being sick and tired comes to mind but I can't remember whose it was or if I'm even remembering it right.


laura said...

It was Cosby, on one of his old stand-ups. And you did remember it right.

And you didn't know about DigDug II because imho it was just awful. I used to love DigDug. DigDug II... not so much.

Anonymous said...


Yea! We can hear you! Mexican? It sounds like the liquid must be working! Keep hanging in there John..We are here and sending up a prayer now and again for you and yours.