Monday, March 10, 2008

Ha ha!

Not like you think though... more like Nelson from The Simpsons.

I mentioned the April 10th reversal surgery might wrench the works of me getting back to work. Little did I know there might be one thrown back at me.

The reduced schedule I was hoping to be able to work was actually acceptable to all parties involved. I was about to be officially told I could report back next Monday and I was happy. However, that schedule was not 20 hours a week so instead of being a "part time" employee, my official status would be "casual." What is not known right now is what being a casual employee might mean to my history with Lockheed or if it might mess up my pension or possibly my ability to become a full time employee again. There may be a risk I'm not willing to take, but none of us are perfectly clear on what might happen. The best thing to do right now is... wait.

I just want to get back to my job.

However, if that means goofing up my retirement or screwing myself out of tenured time (more vacation days!) then bank on me staying home until chemo is finished. It's just not worth it.

I will remain patient and hope the answers we're looking for mean I can work the reduced schedule. If it doesn't I will be okay with it. But, like other disappointing news has been, I'm not okay with it right now. I need to get somewhere cool though, and fast. Round five of the chemo goes into me tomorrow and I already know what chemo mixed with worry feels like... super crappy. :(


tinkknitz said...

Bureaucracy. Boooooooo!

tinkknitz said...

OMG! Watch this video/song my husband found John.

John said...

Oh, I needed that. Thanks. :) Round five hit early and hard, from the chair. The Bubblies haven't been as bad, but it is Thursday... the day I usually crash.

tinkknitz said...

Glad I could make your day :)