Thursday, March 27, 2008

A pleasant surprise

So I wake up this morning and it's the end of round six. No friendly beeping just yet so I lounge for a bit and try to stay warm. This one hit a little harder than five, but nothing like the earlier rounds. That and this is the last one for a while since we're taking a break before the reversal! YAY!

Jody drove me in because the chills had my right arm and fingers on the fritz and I had to admit I wasn't feeling confident to drive myself. I was fine once I warmed up. We get back home and my phone rings with an unknown number... who can it be?

A familiar voice asks me if I'm me and says it's my oooold friend Chris calling. He's been stood up for a conference call, has some time to kill before a meeting, and has just hit the ground at BWI... am I free for lunch? Heck yeah!

I scrambled to remember the last time I'd even seen Chris in person and I still can't remember, but it was great to spend some time catching up today. We both lamented not staying in better touch, but that will be amended. Almost naturally we wondered what's happened to the others in our bunch and we only had bits and pieces to trade. I felt bad Chris wasn't all the way up to speed with the whole cancer thing, but hey, I'm gonna make it. ;)

We'll have to collaborate on finding those other old friends and have ourselves a little reunion. :D

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cwdeering said...

Hey, man, I found your blog!

Great seeing you a week ago on an unplanned visit. Know that we're praying for you - CWD