Wednesday, March 5, 2008

whatever... must post good news for a change

I've tried and tried with the video and only managed to get a hyper-spaced video of me with sound at normal speed so I'm giving up for now. I have good news to share so text will have to suffice.

Yesterday I had a pleasant meeting with Dr. Lee and learned my CEA count is now 0.5. Booyah! That's what normal adults have; people with no cancer. With it now too low to monitor, we scheduled a PET scan for March 20th which will be late enough in the week between rounds five and six that I'll probably be feeling okay to get around. That will also be ahead of the reversal surgery which I anticipate being able to schedule soon because...

Today I had a flouroscope exam. It involved an enema and it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I made it through with just a little hiccup but I am thankful it is over with. Discussing the observed contrast, the doctor whom took the pictures concluded he saw no indication of any leak as Dr. Grasso was seeking. I have the films and I will drop them off tomorrow because, frankly, my own bravery only lasted so long mixed with a sour stomach and frayed nerves.

Dr. Lee upped my Protonix acknowledging I am a big guy and that I shouldn't be so bubbly unless I'm not getting enough dope. I'm going to anticipate next weeks downtime with plenty of bland items on the menu. We're on the homestretch now so I just need to hang in there.

I will get this video thing down though. If teenagers can post videos of themselves hitting a burning honeydew melon with a baseball bat, then I can figure this out too.


tinkknitz said...

Yaaaaay for Docs who recognize size matters when it comes to dosing. And congrats on no leaky pipes.

Jana G said...

That's excellent news. I'll keep all my positive thoughts heading your way!