Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Crap on a stick.

As posted on facebook...

I just got an invoice for outstanding leftover payments to my oncologist. Though there's a lot from Kaiser, they're a tiny fraction of the pocket portion Aetna has left me with. It appears to be just the first quarter of the year... and may allude to thousand-dollar copays, per visit, for the Avastin... that I get every other week... three moths worth aren't on this invoice...

Attack of the Clones is on television, sucking.

The NetApp at work is expressing that same firmware bug from back when I first started; don't know how to/haven't had a chance to fix it.

And it's now raining so I can't take my doggies to the park to let any one of us blow off some steam.



Ryan said...

Holy crap! I know how expensive Avastin is (not to mention Oxaliplatin). Do you have two different kinds of health insurance? I wish you the best of luck battling those costs.

Mister John said...

Fwiw, I was able to ascertain that my out of pocket limit had been reached. That kicked in the 100% coverage level most normal people never activate. It was a surprise to see such a big bill (and yes, that did have to be paid) but it would be the only one I'd see like it... this year. It is an annual limit. ;)

I was also able to make it in to sit with my NetApp field guy and learn a little about my filers. I learned they may have been bought as a cluster and then installed incorrectly. That gave me some new targets to gun down over the last few weeks, slowly but surely.