Monday, December 17, 2007

first day on my own

It's mid-day, Monday the 17th. I'm home alone for the first time in... I cannot remember.

I'm doing okay. I did not sleep very well again last night as my back is still bothering me. I got up around 6am and got some breakfast in me; Cheerios. I vegged in and out of sleep with Saved By The Bell on television. It's my secret guilty pleasure. Jody got ready for work and headed off a little later and I hobbled around a little before laying down again for 2010 which was funny to watch. As if the Soviets would still be a problem in that year. The moral of the story was to tell HAL the truth and trust that he/it would cooperate in saving the astronauts and cosmonauts lives.

I'm psyching myself up to go for a walk outside. I know I need to do more walking and that it will fix my back right up. But it looks cold. I may try to go to a shopping mall and walk indoors instead but I'm still spooked about losing integrity of my ostomy bag. It's happened a few times now and all I've been doing is laying around. :(

I need to make some phone calls and do some paperwork too. I'll do those when I get back from my walk... because dangit, I need to be able to sleep without my back hurting me!


tinkknitz said...

Cheerios ... Mmmmmmmm. My secret pleasure is Frosted Mini Wheats.

Home alone? Does that mean you get to lay booby traps for J :^P

Glad to hear you finally found a good fit. Here's praying your further adventures keep "everybody neat and pretty" as Mickey Mouse would say.

Anonymous said...

Frankly my secret pleasure is a Sam Adams (or two) after a day at the track! Merry Christmas John. I hope you are getting more comfortable and are healing well. I'll be praying for you!