Saturday, December 22, 2007

pre-Christmas update

It's been a very good week thus far and I owe you guys an update... plus a little Christmas gift link to the funniest thing I've seen/heard all year. Read on.

To open, I heard from my friend Greg early this week. We had a great conversation and I'm very happy to report he's in as good a shape as I am and not back in the hospital or anything. He had some trouble with his sutures opening and infection starting but got a quick handle on the problem and did not have to be readmitted. His back has been trouble for him too and I shared the stretches Dr. Shaw had suggested to me.

Those have been paying off along with heat and some focused time on my feet getting out and about. My back still isn't 100% but it is getting there. I've been well enough to have tried to go shopping, drop in on my team at their offices for a Christmas luncheon, and driven myself back to GBMC for a checkup on my stoma.

Shopping has been tough and I pretty much stuck to getting the things I needed right away and getting back home. It was great fun to visit with a bunch of my coworkers and catch up with the news at work. They even got Jody and I a gift card for FYE that i think we may use for some music and games for Christmas. :) The trip to GBMC was the biggie though...

It was good and bad news up there. The nurse was impressed with my and Jody's handle on caring for the stoma and in the choices of products to use. She is concerned that the skin around the site is a little chewed up from exposure so she showed me how to use the Adapt paste instead of the Eakin seals to get a little better fit. So far though, the paste alone is not lasting quite as long as the seals and we may try to double up so that the skin is better protected and the pouch flanges last their full use. I had to exchange one yesterday by myself and it is already showing signs that it will not last through today. :(

I wish it weren't Christmastime because I feel I've been robbed a little. So much has gone on recently that I have had no time or even the thoughts of trying to choose gifts for anyone. So, in a rather cheap way I offer up a link to a seriously funny Sir Mix-a-Lot cover.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


tinkknitz said...

You are deliciously eeeeeeeevil. Passed to my husband ;^p

Scattered Gemini said...

Merry Christmas, John.

I am sure that the best gift for all of your loved ones, will be having you with them for the holiday. Don't stress over things. ;)