Monday, December 10, 2007

prayers, please

Hello from home, still. It's been a rough few days with several challenges and I need help.

For openers, my ileostomy has been a very big hurdle. Jody has done an outstanding job of helping thus far with what is easily the grossest thing. The trouble is one of my incisions is very close to the stoma site and the bags that attach there are too easily foiled by the refuse escaping into the bag. It wets and works its way along the incision causing a predictable leak and inevitable infection in the suture itself. I have supplies coming to help dam this area and make the bags more reliable, but they do not arrive until tomorrow nor am I an expert in applying them just yet.

Second has been the trauma to the nerves below. Both my large bowel and bladder are nearly numb and I have to work to sense when they need to be emptied... or stopped. Two accidents during the nights so far have humbled me and I know nothing I can do but pray and wait for the feeling and control to come back. I am trying some clenching exercises in hopes of jumpstarting the automatic controls, but I know I need real healing.

Finally, my lower back has been an absolute spaghetti knot of spasm. Mom guesses it is from an extended period in stirrups in surgery, but I do not know. All I do know is I hurt. Massage and Tylenol have only dented the problem and I'm dying to visit my chiropractor. Unfortunately, he has shied away from seeing me so shortly after surgery but he sympathizes and told me he'll be there as soon as I can take an adjustment session. For now, I just need some relief more than traction at home has given me.

Otherwise I'm doing really really well. My appetite is back despite having to think about chewing everything real well. I am sleeping a little longer at night between interruptions. Both of my Moms are here with me today and I'm feeling alright. It's just these moments that hit me a little harder than normal that I need the most help and I pray for faith and strength to get through.


Anonymous said...

I'm praying John! It was SO good to see you last weekend, even though our time was short. It was a great time. Scott's dad is home (in fairly fragile condition) and Scott had a good talk with him about his salvation. He assures us that he IS a Christian and has no doubts about his salvation. Praise God for His unending mercy!


Kimberly M., a.k.a. KimberlyKnits said...

Oh, Sco, hon, I have so been there. The lower back pain post-surgery (my complicated hysterectomy in 2003, where they had to search for collateral damage from the massive case of endometriosis), the infected surgical wounds (cauterized blood vessels in my abdomen became somehow uncauterized and I bled into my abdomen and skin post-surgery, running 102-103 fevers for days), bowel numbness (no way is it any way close to yours, but my bowels were briefly paralyzed post-surgery, and I learned pretty quickly what a big deal that is). I wish I could just throw my arms around you and tell you how much we all love you, but you've got Jody to do that :) , so I'll instead offer up prayers to Jesus, the ultimate healer.

God Bless...

-- Scarlet

Scattered Gemini said...

We're still holding you in our thought and prayers over here.

Adam (apk) said...

Hey Sco. Sorry I wasn't able to get up to the hospital after your surgery. Please know that you were in my thoughts.

As you know, my car is also under the knife. Barring any major catastrophe between now and then, the engine should go back in this weekend. The new turbos are mounted, plumbing is done, timing belt complete...just waiting on the resurfaced flywheel and clutch, downpipes, and a couple other parts.

I'll keep you posted, but please know that I think about you and J a lot. You're going to pull through this and we'll be back on the track soon enough.

Michele said...

So sorry to hear about your struggles. I am so glad you have Jody to help you get thru this.
Still praying.