Sunday, April 6, 2008

For Jody

Today is the fifth anniversary of our wedding date. So much has happened in our lives since then with the reason for this blog only being the latest. I want to take this time to express just what being married to Jody has meant to me.

Little did I know I was exchanging emails with the girl I'd marry and come to love so much. I was pretty selfish in those days. Who am I kidding? I still am. Getting to know one another before we actually met, she wrote and asked me a poignant question that still makes me think to this day. Her question was, "What makes you smile?"

I do not honestly remember my answer but I do remember it made me think. We met at a local Thai restaurant based solely on the discovery that neither of us had really ever tried that kind of food. I remember trying very hard to not monopolize the conversation in response to being nervous about meeting her for the first time. She told me later she tried very hard not to judge me based upon the ugly sweater I was wearing; my favorite sweater at the time.

I began to learn and like more and more about her and within only a few months of dating, we arranged to vacation together in London. It was my first real trip outside the country since I was a kid and really only my first vacation as a grownup. We traveled well together and had a blast. Coming home though, I realized I'd been pursuing her for the wrong reasons and we broke up about a month later.

Then realizing my mistake I apologized for what I'd done and asked if we could start over. This was one of the first times of many I would see that Jody knew how to truly forgive an offense.

Our politics differed on the surface and she'll be the last to admit we really agree on what solutions we'd rather see to so many issues. We dated for another two years more taking in more new experiences and tastes and it dawned upon me that I could not remember life without her. Much less even want to live life without her.

You know the story of how I proposed and though I tried to make it memorable, I know she'd have said yes even if I'd asked while washing dishes or waiting for a light to turn green.

Our wedding day was a small miracle sandwiched in between two nasty days of cold rain and sleet. Our honeymoon was another adventure just adding to the memories we've collected together. Returning home, marriage began and we had some adjusting to do.

Jody has been so much better at it than I have, I am sorry to admit. And she has endured so much in just these short five years. I wish above all else that I could take some of those times away; not for my own comfort but for hers. She is one tough girl to have not only withstood those storms, but to have stayed beside me and steadied me when I've been shaken. I've said it before and I will say it again... I can never repay her the debt that I owe and I pray I never have to. She has been through enough already with me.

Yes, -through- all of those and stronger than ever. She is many things to me beyond my brave taste tester, tourguide, and girlfriend. She is more than my date for an evening or my fiance planning our wedding. She is more than the girl who read stories to me until I fell asleep or the hand I grab when we're climbing a hill looking for buried treasure. She is more than my nurse as we both ride out this mind numbing cancer treatment.

She is my best friend and the one person I need to see or talk to every day. She is uncommonly strong and resilient against the worst. She is faithful and loving and beautiful and fun and she deserves better than me. She is my wife and I love her more than I can ever say.

I love you, my Sweets. I am honored to be your husband.


Javajem said...

I love you too! Thanks for the beautiful post :)

Joyce said...

Well, you made me cry and probably Jody too. You know we pray for you two every day. Today is a day to enjoy yourselves.
Happy Anniversary!
Mom and Dad

tinkknitz said...

Your message to Jody is eloquent John. I'm sending you prayers as always and good vibrations for tomorrow ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bonnie