Friday, April 11, 2008

Surgery went well!

Hi all! Jody here to fill you in on John. He had surgery yesterday to reverse his ileostomy. I'm happy to say that everything went very well!

We had to get up extra early to arrive at GBMC hospital by 5:30 am. He was wheeled back into surgery around 8am and was finished by about 10:30. So - nice and short - not like last time!!

He had a great first day too - he ate all his lunch and dinner and had no nausea. He did have a rough night - but mostly because they kept coming in at all hours to take his vitals, blood, etc. He was definitely ready to come home - if only to get some sleep!

Today is a big day! It's John's first poo day! Happy poo day John! I told him I'd get him a cake for his first poo day - but the cake may have to wait a while as he is on a liquid diet for a while. Do you think I can write "Happy Poo Day" on some Jello? hehehe

More good news was just delivered as I was writing this. His doctor (Dr Grasso) just came to see him and he says he's ok to go home today! Yay! So - hopefully we will be out of here soon. That is fantastic news!

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers - we appreciate all of them.



Lynn said...

Awesome news!!!

Nittany Knits said...

Shouldn't Happy Poo Day be celebrated with chocolate pudding instead of cake?

tinkknitz said...

Shouldn't NittanyKnits be celebrating Puke Day with the lime Jello ;^P
Seriously, are we such old farts that we are so consumed with our poo? Uh, yeah.

Jana G said...

that's wonderful news. Rest well, John.

As to Poo Day... I think that you could probably liquefy a cake in a blender.

Pam & Steve Johanson said...

Jodi, you could spray/squirt (?) some whipped cream on some jello that says "happy poo day."