Friday, September 14, 2007


Well more like :whump: but here I am on my last day of work. I got rear-ended... in my car, thank you... on my way home from Day Five's morning radiation treatment.

First things first, I am okay. I was shook up to say the least but the dude who hit me was so sans clue. He just wanted to apologize and drive away.

I was having none of that and immediately asked for his insurance card. He didn't have one. Can I see your license? It's from Georgia. The tags are from Maryland. Great. I try my hardest to scratch down his name and identifying info while calling the police. They're sending a car so I quickly light up my phone to take some pictures. I hate camera phone pictures but something is better than nothing; especially since this guys has nothing to show me that he's insured. He wants to move his car and keeps asking me what he should do. I tell him he's free to do anything he likes but I am not moving until the police arrive. He follows my lead.

Ultimately one of Howard County's finest arrives and it is clear who hit whom. The cars are scratched up and my plate cover is smashed but we've seen worse on city cars barraged by parallel parking mishaps. He is insured and the MVA registration reveals the company and policy number. I call when I get home and they're taking full responsibility. :whew:

I did change all my outgoing messages to long term yesterday before I left figuring I would spend today downloading a lot of experience with one piece of code to the fellow whom is picking up after me. I called him and we had a quick chat about what's what and agreed I'm just going to stay home today until the shakiness wears off. Meanwhile, my next post won't be brought to you by Comcast... we're anticipating a visit from the Verizon FiOS guys sometime before 5pm today. :D


laura said...

ugh. Though I admit I had my Georgia license almost a year after I had my MD plates. And honestly, either way he should have insurance as Ga requires it, and threaten to revoke your license if the insurance company informs them that you canceled on a car. Even if you don't own said car anymore.....

Dunno why the guy wanted to bail like that. Shame on him. Making us transplants look bad.

Glad you weren't hurt and garts on the FIOS.

Amie said...

Dude. If ever there were a time to pull out the cancer card, it would be when some putz rear-ends you and tries to bail.

Glad you didn't have to.

John said...

I have to visit his insurance company's estimator but I imagine it will be somewhat negligible. The cars have been in the US long enough to now have spare parts available though I will insist on paint done -off- of the car after Jody's experience with the Escape back in the Spring.