Saturday, September 22, 2007

two down, four to go

I'm sorry I left that last post hanging there at the top for too long. I have been really really tired and my fuse has been shorter than Hurley or Bailey's tails. It is clear to me I need to spread out the things I have to pay attention to so that they don't pile up on me like that.

Thursday was better as was yesterday. Without getting too graphic, the therapies are working and I'm a lot more 'regular' though I've got some side effects to contend with. Women whom have delivered babies recommend cocoa butter for the dryness and cracked skin and I am giving it a try.

Meanwhile, a small collection of tools not belonging to James came out of his toolchest yesterday and will be returned to Induktion asap. Hopefully they have not been missed this week. I need to get my toolchest out of the car too and make sure all of mine came home with no extras thrown in. I may try to get the heater core out today too since it looks like an easy pull.


laura said...

Is Jodi coming to spinning on Friday? If so I'll do some whipped shea for you. Shea butter is marvelous for so many skin issues.

GingerPyeJackson said...

The see the brain cloud is clearing up. No $600 brake repair for you. Did the shea butter work. If not you can try olive oil or even Crisco. Although I never tried it myself it was listed on my paperwork, back in the day.