Saturday, September 1, 2007


Do you believe this? One of Jody's knitting pals has taken it upon herself to train and raise money for a walk next year and to do so in my name. She'd asked Jody if she could link here and I was okay with that (why not?) but little did I know. I don't know what to say! Amie, I am very touched. :')

I like her schedule of training though I'm unsure of just how to measure off a mile by foot, exactly. I guess walking a track at a school would do... I used to ride my bike that way until I accidentally ran over a lady who was jogging. True story. I had my head down and was concentrating so hard on my cadence and staying in my lane that I rode straight into the back of this poor woman who was just out there for a run. I've since learned to keep my eyes up.

We must have been on the same wavelength yesterday as I was thinking and posting about needing to raise my energy level and get on my feet. My only advice; take a bottle of water and sip it instead of chugging. And take a look over your shoulder from time to time for the crazy kid on his bike.

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Amie said...

You are very, very welcome, handsome. I wish I could do more!

(for most people, a mile is about two-thousand steps. I have a pedometer on my watch, and walked until 1500 steps this morning, then turned around, so a mile and a half. I think my watch also has the capability to just tell me the blasted distance, but I haven't found that button yet. Apparently my $40 watch is smarter than I am.)

(My dog is walking with me, and he wants to know if he can get credit for double the distance because he has twice as many feet.)