Tuesday, September 4, 2007

half empty, half full

This is the post that makes everyone go, "Trade ya!"

I got both my and Jody's benefits papers filled out by Dr. Lee last Friday to both protect Jody and let her take some time off when I need her and activate my short term disability benefits. I have to admit I bought it as just a little insurance against losing my paycheck if I ever got laid up so... whoddathunkit?

Well, as expected, my benefit has been approved. I'm in touch with a very nice nurse at my company's medical attache' whom carefully explained to me what I'd come to understand from reading the company benefit policies over the weekend. My short term coverage pays me my full salary for 130 days off, though holidays and my sweet 9/80 Fridays off are not excluded. I cannot take usual leave either, but I'm on disability. I can effectively double those 130 days to 260 (a full year) by working a reduced schedule of half days. Since 2-4 hours a day max is what Dr. Lee recommended in her estimation on my paperwork, that's what Lockheed wants me to do.

Now you guys might think wokring half a day would be great. Full pay for half the work. I may come around to your way of thinking, but right now it's irritating me. I want to be able to work if I feel like working, not punching the clock at lunchtime and going home for the day. To me that's just going to back me up and leave me feeling like I'm not accomplishing much of anything. I get a lot of satisfaction of out my job. I can also honestly say the job I'm at now is the best work I've ever had. Despite some of the workflow issues into and away from my desk, I really really feel like I'm making a difference and I'm not thrilled that I have to cut back because of this doggone tumor.

The truth is I could work as much as I like, but if I punch in I automatically lose half of one of those 130 disability days. And that means I'm wasting my benefit. I still have to bill the hours I work, but the policy really is written to encourage me to take the time off and put my efforts into getting well. Sigh. Logic can be so sensible sometimes.

Of course the immediate temptation is there to start making a list of things I can knock out with all the time at home but I have to chill. I actually have to plan to do nothing.

I wonder if Royal Caribbean has afternoon cruises...


Scattered Gemini said...

That's fantastic that your disability benefits are falling into place.

I dunno...i'm on disability, SSI...due to mobility issues, being unemployed with lots of time on one's hands and not contribiting much to society is not all it's cracked up to be. I'd much rather be healthier and gain mobility back and have a real job. I'm working toward that though.

thank goodness i have knitting and the internet or i'd have been locked up in a padded room long ago!

I think that for your well being, planning to do nothing sounds like the best answer.

Anonymous said...

You might want to keep those free afternoons to yourself! Jody might have a knitting/sewing/spinning/quilting project she might have you work on for her!

GingerPyeJackson said...

I feel your pain,your looking at the woman who wouldn't stay in bed during pregnancy so they admitted her to the hospital. When I carried my dinner tray out to the nurse's desk they actually threatened to strap me to the bed.

Sometimes the hardest thing about healing is not being in control. Snuggle in with the pups and take an afternoon nap. Read a book if you must.