Tuesday, September 25, 2007

update and a specific request

I owe you guys an update though nothing major has really happened. I've hit a bit of a routine now though I can tell things are changing slowly, surely, for the better, and a little for the worse.

The weekend was great. I got to get out in the garage and tinker with the BMW for a while. My pal Steven dropped by to borrow my brake tools and swap pads on his GTI. We ran into a bit of a snag as the car was being finished up that was ultimately fixed today with only some anxiety and $60 worth of taps and dies from Harbor Freight.

Sunday was equally great. Dad and I enjoyed some time out together in Little Italy to soak in some rolling Italian art from the famed scuderias of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Maserati, and a striking prototipo from Bizzarini. Most of Stiles Street was closed down for beautiful cars on display to help raise money for a children's school/charity. The weather was great and both of us took it easy admiring the cars. I'd like to see more of those machines on track in the future... shrinking away in my rearview mirrors. :P

Monday sucked. Not as badly as last Wednesday, but it was not a good day without much effort. It was Doctor Day again and I got to meet with Dr. Cheston. I gave her an update on the progress I can feel is happening. I also got to deliver the plea I'd been rehearsing in my head since late last week as one particular side effect has grown steadily worse. I've had some very specific pain that I was hoping... begging... could be mitigated by possibly adjusting the exposure field.

This leads to a specific prayer request I'd like to put out there. You see, the radiation field has to necessarily be broad enough to fry the tumor but also cook anything spreading. They're cutting it as close as they can but, and I hate to be graphic, they're also hitting my anus. The skin is very sensitive and the therapy is very much like getting a bad sunburn. I've had to try keeping the skin down there in good shape with moisturizer and topical cream the radiologist has recommended. The cocoa butter regimen did nothing to help and I'm afraid may have acted like tanning lotion instead so I am -not- using that again until I'm done with the exposures. Meanwhile, I've been feeling like someone put a hot bbq coal in my shorts and has been feeding me buffalo wings and vindaloo morning, noon, and night. Razors. Fire. Hot lava. And yeah, I'm not trying to be graphic.

So yes, I really want to pray for some relief.

I've been given Oxycodone and am giving it a try this evening. So far so good and the constant pain down below has improved. It's still there but it's not thumping with every heartbeat. My bathroom visits are still bringing me near tears and leaving me a little shaky. I've also got a 'script for good old fashioned hydrocortisone suppositories that are gross but hopefully helpful. Three more weeks downhill from here are really making me worried. :(


Joyce said...

Chuck took Metamucil(to keep the stool soft) during his radiation treatments. It might help. Also ask the doctor for something that might numb the area for a short time when needed. We will continue to pray for you.

GingerPyeJackson said...

Prayers going up, don't worry- The Jackson's got your back, or backside as the case my be.

Scattered Gemini said...

Oh man, like that area isn't tender enough? Would anything along the lines of Preparation H or Tucks or something help to soothe the area?

As my Dad said right after his hip replacement surgery..."it's a real pain in the ass".

Keep the humor.

You're in our thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...