Sunday, September 9, 2007

goooood karma

I'm a hair overdue with my thankyous for some really cool gifts that friends and neighbors have brought by to help cheer me up. They're working, I promise, so um... keep them coming! ;)

First up is Kim and company's tres cool bonsai California wine grape vine. I was totally not expecting this and I've endeavoured to keep it watered every day just as its instruction sheet directs. Is this awesome or what? I reeeally hope it offers up some bonsai grapes next year... that would be so cute!

Next is a little bushel delivered by Mina and her daughter Sophie today. It is filled with a tub of peanut-butter cup brownies, two bags of spicy snacks, a bag of peach gummis (Mmmmm!), a bag of candy corns, a jar of sugar-free Cherry jam (loaded with cancer-killing pectin!), and a loaf of peach crumble bread I intend to toast to help the chemo go down.

Last but not least is Clarence's gift to soothe my inner rock star; a copy of Guitar Hero II for XBox360. He came over unexpectedly the night before the port surgery last Wednesday and had this big giant box. Inside was a guitar controller and the videogame that plays a lot like Dance Dance Revolution; hit the notes as they appear on screen and 'strum' the guitar to play. I thought he'd bought himself the game and was giving me a go but then I remembered he hasn't got a '360. I asked him why he bought it and he said he thought I would enjoy it. :P I've air-guitar'd for decades so I should be a natural.


GingerPyeJackson said...

Nutmeg, my 12 year old son is SO jealous of your Guitar Hero game. Apparently it's much better than the one he got for this birthday this summer. He said " man, what did he do to deserve that!" Perhaps your set up will be just the thing to lure him to MD S&W

bySarah said...

Can you record your music on that thing? Can we hear it on the blog?